The Fairgrounds District in Gaborone is one of the city’s most desirable business addresses. The site of this proposed development is located in an exclusive cul-de-sac, immediately adjacent to the Fairscape Precinct currently under construction.

The main thrust of this development, the office component, is divided into 2 wings which each pivot off the central atrium space on the main platform / podium level.

Located at platform level are the main entrance lobby / atrium, retail space, conference facilities for tenants, some office space, and a generous outdoor courtyard and terrace. The outdoor spaces have various benefits:  they provide an attractive and user-friendly social space for informal meetings or restaurant spill-out space; they help with the climatic modulation of the office space; landscaping on the platform will soften the look and feel of the scheme

Each office wing is approximately 1000m² in area per floor. This configuration lends itself to lettability on a suite-per-floor configuration (for the larger Corporate tenant), or for subdivision into smaller suites. Every floor on both wings has two outdoor terraces, providing the opportunity for fresh air and light to potentially all office space in the scheme.

The division of the office space into the two wings, and the width of each wing (18 metres) means that the need for artificial light and ventilation will be kept to a minimum.  The facades of the office wings incorporate the use of sun-shading screens, to minimize the need for air-conditioning. The fact that the parking basement is only semi-submerged means that this area will not require mechanical ventilation, (further reducing the building’s carbon footprint). North-South orientation of the 2 wings means that they will provide mutual shading against the harsh East and West Sun. The provision of landscaping around and on the platform will mitigate loss of vegetation due to construction of the building.

About the Project

Fairgrounds District, Gaborone, Botswana

In progress

New Build

2 parking levels (one a half basement, one at podium level)  at, 4 office levels, total GLA 8100m², efficiency of 92%